Beta Unit

CLV Beta

The Beta unit, located in the Cristal neighborhood, is under the direction of Marcia Schmidt. In its pedagogical proposal, there are: Kindergarten, Elementary School, High School and the novelty of the last year: Extended Day Bilingual Program – a full-time school regime for students up to the 5th grade in two languages, Portuguese and English.

The infrastructure of the school has large rooms, divided along two floors and an annex building, as well as an outdoor and covered schoolyard for physical activities and games, canteen, laboratories, computer lab, playroom, auditorium, library and resource room.

The Multifunctional Resource Room is a specialized space, where Specialized Educational Assistance (AEE) takes place. Students with specific needs are assisted, as established in the National Policy on Special Education from the perspective of Inclusive Education.

Principal: Márcia Andréa Schmidt da Silva

Vice – Principal: Aline Ribeiro da Silveira

SSE – Pedagogical Supervision Service:

  • Kindergarten and Elementary School I: Joana Würdig
  • Elementary School II and High School: Fabiana Santos

School Administration Office: Ivone Fracalossi

Guidance Office:

  • Kindergarten and Elementary School I: Jamile Willes


  • Elementary School II and High School: Ana Paula Pacheco


Infrastructure: Library, Laboratory, Playroom, Entrance, Courts, Classrooms, Extended Day Bilingual Program, Kindergarten, Resource Room.

School Administration Office: