Pedagogical Proposal

Elementary School II

From 11 years old

Teaching stages from the 6th grade to the 9th grade, where we work the skills and competences in a more complex and detailed way, because our students are already in a moment where they can make scientific knowledge part of their existence. It aims at developing skills of understanding, interpretation, analysis and synthesis from the recognition of concepts, learning systems and facts, as well as the consolidation of associations, relationships and creativity. 

At this stage, our students consolidate concepts related to the areas of knowledge, associating them with everyday situations and making their learning effective. From the 6th grade on, the school already begins to insert entrance exam questions in the students’ study material and, in the 9th grade, ENEM- style and federal entrance exams simulations are carried out in order to intensify the students’ preparations for the desired professional career.

The more we know, the more we love.

Leonardo da Vinci

  • Arts
  • Physical Education
  • Science
  • Geography
  • History
  • Portuguese
  • Mathematics
  • Modern Foreign Language (English)
  • Modern Foreign Language (Spanish)
  • Biology and Chemistry (only for the 9th year)


Morning: from 7:45am to 12:15pm 

Afternoon: from 1:30pm to 18pm



Morning: from 7:45am to 12:15pm