Gama Unit

CLV Gama

Our newest unit, located in Canoas, started its operation in 2021.

The school’s infrastructure features ample outdoor spaces, corridors, modern rooms, sports courts, playground, canteen, laboratories, computer lab, auditorium, library and resource room.

Infrastructure: Entrance, Reception, Classroom, Canteen, Kindergarten, Living Area, Sports Gymnasium, Playroom.

Principal: Ana Chiavaro

Vice – Principal:  Viviane Truda

SSE – Pedagogical Supervision Service:

  • Kindergarten and Elementary School I: Márcia Schuster Bastianello
  • Elementary School II: Cristina Pires Corso
  • High School: Mozartt Zeni


School Administration Office: Michele Braga Arbo

Guidance Office:

  • Kindergarten and Elementary School: Maíra Pigatto Kalil 
  • High School: Monique Cauduro Doormann

School Administration Office: