Our story

Leonardo da Vinci school was stablished in 1993 and brought, in the field of Education, a proposal that differed from the pedagogical currents of the time, based on the Gagné’s Theory of Learning. The families who sought the best pedagogical choice, then, had the option of knowing a school with the bold proposal, which brought in its axis the return to calligraphy, the requirement of classical readings and the adoption of grades and tests to measure the performance of students, among other teaching-learning instruments.
In this context, defending academic excellence, the Leonardo da Vinci School was born and its two units – Alfa and Beta – in Porto Alegre/RS.

Leonardo da Vinci

The name of the Italian polymath Leonardo da Vinci was chosen as a way to reflect the versatility of this artist and also highlight the genius in his different skills, a reference in excellence for the founders. Honoring the name of the Renaissance artist, the ideal of our school is to give its students the knowledge and the conditions necessary for them to develop their full humanistic, technological and scientific potential.

Responsibility, Discipline and Academic Excellence

These are the three pillars that underpin, from the beginning, the pedagogical proposal of the school. An educational concept that aims at training students as citizens of the world from Porto Alegre.


The school is, par excellence, a training environment, in which learning takes place in a construction process. Learning means the ability to use knowledge to reframe your experiences, transforming them into knowledge. In this process, spaces and teaching situations are offered and organized so that the student develops his identity, the understanding of the world and the apprehension of universal knowledge, allowing the insertion of the children and of the young people in the world of concepts and symbolic representations, in a process of interaction with others, in which growing and learning become a continuous action.
After 27 years of its foundation, and with so many modifications in the educational area, such as the work for Competences and Skills and the ENEM exam, we realize that we continue on the right path, as our school has obtained, throughout these last years, outstanding places in entrance exams and similar contests, as well as in the training of talents and leaders.