Leonardo da Vinci School encourages student cultural exchange to several countries, in particular, through partnerships with exchange agencies from England, Canada, the United States, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina. We understand that the experience of other realities, of other languages and of different cultural manifestations enriches the existence and provides a greater number of tools for making choices.

As part of the High School, field trips at the Beta unit also include the international trips to Uruguay and Argentina, in the 1st grade, and to Chile, in the 2nd grade, when students have the opportunity to put into practice various classroom knowledge, among them:

  • Understand society and nature, recognizing their interactions in space in different historical and geographical contexts.
  • Analyze and interpret language resources, relating texts to their contexts, according to the conditions of production and reception
  • Analyze the various artistic productions as a means of explaining different cultures.
  • Recognize the value of artistic diversity and the interrelationships of elements that are present in the manifestation of various social groups.

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