The CLV units maintain, as a pedagogical differential, the fieldworks. These opportunities are moments of recognition of new landscapes, development of historical-cultural projects and experimentation/experience of different realities, improvement of the look and feel of the arts and heritage for the most diverse age groups.

Since Kindergarten, our students are encouraged to explore the places around them. Going to the theater and museums, to other cities around the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, to regions of Italian, German, Japanese immigration, among others in the state. Among visits to parks and environmental preservation sites, and interstate trips, are discovery expeditions, moments for students to open their notebooks, write down everything they see and clear up doubts in practice, in loco, about the content studied in class.

Performing Arts

Summer Camp

Short Film

Reading and textual production

Extracurricular Schools

Cultural–Sports Competition

International Relations Club

Scientific Initiation


Latin in High School

Language Show and Literary Week

“Mostra do Conhecimento”
(A Knowledge Show)

Preparation for
Entrance Exam

Robotics and Entrepreneurship