Language Show and Literary Week

A space for our students to develop skills in understanding art as cultural knowledge and generator of meaning. Visual and plastic arts, music, dance, theater, literature are some of the programs of the Language Show and Literary Week that take place, respectively, in the units Alfa and Beta.

Aiming to bring together author, work and reader, Literary Week proposes several storytelling, reading, debating and artistic expressions workshops from the most varied fields – music, theater, dance, sing and plastic arts. It provides an environment geared towards the arts, especially literature, as it accompanies the lectures and workshops, a book fair.

At the Language Show, in turn, Arts, Literature, Portuguese, English and Spanish dialogue, in order to reveal that our daily actions are guided by the use of languages and that, through reading, production and research, enable expressions with more elaborate linguistic and artistic resources. The program of this event includes theater, cinema, literature, graffiti and visual arts.

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Latin in High School

Language Show and Literary Week

“Mostra do Conhecimento”
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