Preparation for Entrance Exam

Since very young, CLV students have contact with college entrance questions, precisely to generate study and organization habits. The teaching staff thinks about ways to apply these studies in a natural way, so by the time they reach High School, they will be used to the way of entering in a university.

Exercising knowledge through national or institutional test models is a way to learn and discover our learning needs to be better prepared. From the 9th grade on, our students, make regular simulations of ENEM, UFRGS and other major entrance exams in the country, enabling the experience with these models and preparing for the competitions with the required training.

In addition, over the years of High School, students participate in projects and receive information about the areas of interest, in order to know the professional possibilities of each course, as well as the job market and the difficulties that may arise for each profession. At this moment, the support of the teachers and psychologists is fundamental. For this reason, both parents and students of the school have this specialized support.

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Preparation for
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