Community insertion practices and experiences are necessary for the development of citizens’ autonomy, empathy, otherness, and social responsibility. For this reason, both units maintain youth volunteering programs for students from the 8th grade of elementary school to the 3rd grade of High School.

Through activities and weekly meetings, Leo Alfa Citizenship and Leo Beta Citizenship (formerly, Solidarity Pact) develop activities with charities in Porto Alegre community in situations of risk and social vulnerability. Some areas of activity are: 

– Amparo Imaculado;

– Asilo da SPAAN;

– Asilo Padre Cacique;

– Associação Rio-grandense de Proteção aos animais;

– Casa de Nazaré;

– Creche Dona Maria;

– Creche Nazaré;

– Fundação Pão dos Pobres;

– Hospital da Criança Santo Antônio, no ambulatório de Quimioterapia;

– ONG Amada Massa.

Performing Arts

Summer Camp

Short Film

Reading and textual production

Extracurricular Schools

Cultural–Sports Competition

International Relations Club

Scientific Initiation


Latin in High School

Language Show and Literary Week

“Mostra do Conhecimento”
(A Knowledge Show)

Preparation for
Entrance Exam

Robotics and Entrepreneurship